Sunday, April 22, 2012

Teachers strike = stress

So I just switched over from Firefox to chrome and oh my goodness, the shape is crazy. Like the way you compose a new post..its take up the entire page like a document on gmail.

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Alrighty, so its definitely been to long. School has been super crazy lately. The teachers union might go on strike, the last day for negotiations if Wednesday, the 25th. If it happens, I'll have the rest of the week off, and if they still cant compromise with the school district, I'll have even more time off. The longest it will go to for me not having school would be may 10th. Which is super crazy and I'm hoping it won't come to that because that will literally screw all the students over. Last day to turn assignments in to be graded is going to be this Monday and Tuesday, because if the teachers strike, substitutes can't grade anything. So the teachers have been teach like mad.

A couple of my teachers started to teach us how to the run the classroom if they were to be gone. That we'd all read it class and create quizzes for ourselves. Teachers are also taking down a bunch of posters and things in their rooms. Its getting pretty real. At first they were striking for multiple issues, one being whether or not my school changes from a block schedule (having periods 1-4 on one day, the next having 5-8), or an entire 1-7 day. This shrinks class time from 81 minutes to 43 minutes each. Not to mention, homework every night form all my classes, which are all IB classes (college courses in high school, kinda like AP).

If the seven period day happens, I'm afraid I'm going to have to switch from full IB to only half. Which means I won't be required to take all of the IB classes, but still some. And I won't be required to do papers over the summers and all the extra community service hours. It would definitely be a load off. Everyone saying its Pretty much a sure thing.


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