Distraction List from Binges

This list is for me more than anyone else. I'm not encouraging anyone to look.
This Page will always be having things added to it.

  1.  Watch A movie. Any movie. This includes your favorites on DVD. (Juno, Elektra, The Invisible, Mean Girls, Bring it on All or nothing. )
  2.  Gilmore Girls. GILMORE GIRLS. Enough said.
  3.  Netflix is also a great resources for other movies. (According to Greta, Skins {UK} Old Disney movies, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Charlies Angles, Hot Tub Time Machine, Lord of the Rings, Princess and the frog,  and so many more.Check the Instant queue.)
  4. Another thing to do is watch movies on youtube. There are plenty of them their including: (Angus thongs and Perfect snogging and many more. Also, watch behind the scenes of your favorite movies on on youtube. 
  5. Documentaries and other shows are found on youtube such as: Super size vrs. Super skinny, 6teen, Kim Possible
  6.  MARATHONS. Seriously, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Gilmore Girls, south park, the Simpsons and even family guy.
  7. Exercise TV. Look up some relaxing yoga. OR in your face Pilates.sp?
  8. Watch Tv and do sit ups during the commercials and lunges and squats during the actual show.
  9. You can also use Xfinity to look up old shows and re-watch them again.
  10. Speaking of watching old shows, go to your favorite sites like hulu, abc fmaily and many others to watch episodes of your favorite shows. Watch pretty little liars, ANTM and anything else, I really don't care. 
  11. Go to HGTV.com and check out the entire site. Plus other episodes are there like House hunters,divine design, Selling new york and more. Check out everything on their website.

  1. THE SIMS 2. Playy it! This can last anywhere from 1-8 hours. 
  2. Also, just looking up pictures of the sims 2 and going on fansites. Check out whats happening at Thesims2.com, insiminator.com, gardenofshadows.com and more. Get inspired by others pictures! You can also check out and see what the latest downloads are.
  3. Another option for sims is sorting your CC or maybe building a new house. Try playing around with sim facial features or make people you know.
  4. Addtictinggames.com. Best.site.ever. for online games. Play your classic favorites and try to beat your score, or, try some of the newest games. Also try that Protecter game you love at: www.kongregrate.com
  5. Animal Crossing and Harvest moon on gamecube. Try fishing in harvest moon! Also, there are tons more of dishes of food to make to explore! To do this, You should hybridize your plants more! In animal crossing, you should pay off you loan and check out the most ecent events! Talk to neighbors or redesign your room!

  1. Download some. Enough said. Go through your phone and see all the ones you have to download. Go to youtube and check out your favorites for ones you have to download.
  2. Make your own song. Put new lyrics to your favorite song.
  3. Try composing something on the piano. Some you said you will always do but do you ever do it? NOPE. You can also look up your favorite songs and learn them on the piano.
  4. See what playlsits are up at Blalocks. Post on the site ect.
  5. Go to last.fm and look for songs.
  6. Organize your music library. Make new playlist for moods or delete old songs. 
    1. . Make a friendship bracelet. this will take FOREVER. 
    2. Make a video about anything. Rant about life, do random stuff, One on your pets ect. Do a time lapse! Or film nature.
    3.  Work on school art. Look up art history for school. Practice in school art noteobok. ECT.!!

    1.  Speaking of bathrooms, while you're there you can shave your legs or just take a plain old bath. This can take you anywhere from 30 minutes-1 hour 30 min. The hot water will give you time to mull things over. 
    2. Chew and spit. Its all about the taste, bay-bay.
    3. Some nice yoga is always relaxing.
    4. Get out from what is tempting you. Go on a walk, got to the gym, heck Got to the mall. Just get out and about.

    1. Count to 100 very slowly. Get there? Do it again. If you feel like it, every number you get to name a reason.
    2.  Chew on Ice Cubes. Make shaved ice and pour diet coke over that and eat it. My diet coke ice cubes and eat them with the grapefruit spoon.
    3.  Try taking a nap. Or just lay there for 30 minutes, I don't really care.
    4. Clean your room. Odds are it's messy. If it's already clean reorganize it. Clean under your bed or go through your old clothes. Move some furniture around and do a different layout.
    5. You can also go cleaning your bathroom. Take a toothbrush and go at with with some cleaner. The smell of the chemical and nasty mildew build up will be guaranteed to put you off your binge. You can also clean the floor and wash the towels. Not to mention to sinks. Those haven't be cleaned in forever. Re-organize all your hair products while you are at it.
    6. Look up things to do when you are bored. 
    7. MIND OVER MATTER. Really stop and think. Breathe. Is this really what you want to do. Give yourself food for bad behavior? You will just feel bad about it later, you always do.