Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Things are maybe looking up?

WELL. Hey there! For once I'm actually in an ok mood- I'm kind gushy almost really. For a couple of reasons. WARNING:I'M PATHETIC.

Today started off bad because I woke up late and had to rush to get ready for school. Because of this, I didn't have time to set out a fake bowl of finished cereal to make it look like I had eaten breakfast. I always have to do this or my mom literally will force food down me and question me about it. I didn't do it because I didn't wake up at my regular time, I wasn't up before her. She made me eat this weird Cinnamon cereal bar thing. Which was 140 calories and was so good. (sadly) I'm glad it's the last one though. With my brother being home Christmas he eats majority of the bad food around so I don't have to worry much.

I like having my brother home, but he can say really mean things that lead to me to crying all night. He's been home for like a week now and has only made me cry twice, so that's good.

ANYWAY, got on a tangent there- back to my day. Most of it's guy related but I'm going to get right to it. Ok. Heres where the pathetic comes in...a guy asked for my number today. sdjkf. Thats literally never happened before! (I'm so lame) The few times I've talked to guys in the past, I got their number's from my friends like Carrie. Anyway though, my phone was dead and I had recently gotten a new number so I couldn't tell him. Then he asked if I had a facebook and I said no because I hate social net working sites. So instead he gave me his number and told me to text him. In all honestly, I'm probably not going to text him. He's nice, but sort of a creep/douche. He hangs out with all these obnoxious kids in my class and I already know by just seeing the way he acts in class, we won't get along. I know, I'm a b-otch. :/

Another guy thing that happened today...I clearly saw Devin stareing at me today multiple times. And when I caught him looking at me one of the times, he didn't stop looking at me. GDFSUHGSKDF :D. But then he looked at this friend and laughed then looked back me and smiled. So I can't help but have that gnawing feeling in stomach and there's a joke between his friend about me. How pathetic I am. How fat I am. How and ugly girl can be even looking at him. Buttttt trying to stay positive. sigh.

AND HERES the big part, he actually talked to me, (DOUBLE DOES ON LAMENESS/BEING PATHETIC) It was a really simple sentence, though. I was passing out cookies as instructed by the sub in health class. And welll this is what happened:

Me: " want a cookie?" :)
him: "Yeah sure, can I have two?" *smiles up at me adorably* :D
Me: "sure go ahead."
Him:" Alright cool. thanks. Hey your in my spanish class right?"
Me: "ahh yes."

Then I walked away because I had to pass out the rest of the cookies. I know I'm so lame. But that quick conversation filled me with hope and gushyness. I know that he was just trying to be cool though, because he's also in my English class (plus health and spanish. so 3/4 classes that day) and he had clearly seen me in his English class before and spanish class. Especially in spanish because the teacher has notecards with all our names on them so everybody in class gets called evenly on all questions. I'm pretty sure I've felt the entire room starting at me when I've said something stupid out loud that was wrong. So yes he's obviously seen before.

Still though. I just feel...gushy. Yep. And I ate ok for food wise today. Turns on the random weight gain I had a couple of days ago is my my monthly gift. :P (My really comes every other month though because of my ED and binging. Its really irregular) Anyway! So that lightened my mood to, knowing that my metabolism is going to be extra high during this time. YEAY I can actually burn some fat off for once. So things are ...alright!

OH. AND HELLO to my 7 followers! You all have left such nice comments and I plan to fallow you all back!

Wow, that was a long post. Ah well. Why don't you check out this vide0, It makes me laugh and hopefully it will perk up your mood if your feeling down:

The Schnitzel Song

hahah. SO creepy but funny. I love hoodwinked. Have a good day, I hope you enjoyed it. :)


  1. "What the SCHNITZEL?!?" ehehehe I love Hoodwinked <3 i want the schnitzel man to come to my town :[
    i'm so immature

    and i'm glad you had a good day today >.<
    guys are weird.
    my metabolism is weirdly high after i've had my *ahem* monthly women's business too. i lost three lbs in a day last week o.0
    it can't last, buut oh well.

  2. You are not pathetic! Guys make girls do gushy things -_- lol