Saturday, December 4, 2010

Trying to stay Binge free.

Another Post from PT. My suggestions on trying not to binge. This is what works well for me, so i can't guarantee they will work well for you. xx

Look up tons of thinspo on the internet. And I mean ANYWHERE. Go on google and search your favorite people that are thin (actors, musicians, models...ect). Save them to an album on your computer, or if it's shared, into and account on photo bucket. Look up every single Victoria secret model and save pictures of them to. Look up fashion blogs on tumblr. Save all your favorite photos to an album then watch a slide show of them.

I recently started doing this about a week ago. It really helps with binges. Every time you want to binge you just watch the slide show. Mine has over 200 pictures and I watch it on the slowest speed possible. It takes a REALLY long time to watch it. And don't let yourself skip photos!

You can also try-

addicitng games

cleaning your room

make a thinspo journal

WATCH THIS MOVIE: Angus Thongs And Perfect Snogging

Look up clothes on the internet at your favorite stores.look op fail videos on youtube...ect. Anything that comes to mind. If you have to, count to 100 the slowest you most possibly can looking at the ceiling. Everything you reach another number, name a reason to be thin, why you strong, why food is gross..ect

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