Monday, December 27, 2010

My selfish reasons.

I've been feeling more down that usually lately. I just worthless and depressed. Not that anyone cares.

Nobody cares. Nobody truly cares. I've just been feeling less loved everywhere. I mean, I've always felt out of the loop with my friends and such, so much to the point it is my daily life now and I'm just used it. That stuff made me cry myself to sleep every night a year ago. But now, I feel like even people on PT don't care. If you think about it, we're all here for our own selfish reasons.

What kills me the most about my ED, is that it's all about it me, you know? I feel so selfish. I just want to yell and myself and be like "god why can't you take a little time out of your day to care for someone else for once and your life?!" But then I realize, I've tried to care for other people before, but I just end up getting hurt because they couldn't care for me the same way I could for them.

I'm going to clean my room. Then later play the sims 2 and even paint if I have time. Not like it matters, it will just suck anyway. Ugh. School is coming up. I have to back to school exactly a week from now. This break went by way to fast. I have to spend all of January of my break because I have a crap loud of homework. fml.

I would post of my pictures for last week, but I feel to lazy to do so. Plus I'm so fat in them there's no point in even posting.

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  1. Chicky, if we lived close to each other I'd be the most caring friend ever. Plus, I bet you are amazing at painting.

    I understand how you're feeling though.

    Take care.