Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm tired of this never ending cycle.

Ok. So, I'm and idiot because I FINALLY just figured out how to see if people are fallowing me. And guess what? Nobody is. -_- wow I'm cool.

I mean I didn't expect like 20 people or anything...but I though maybe a few people would care. I'm fallowing about 20 of you guys from PT. But no one is fallowing me back? Excuse me if I sound selfish or conceited...but I dunno, that just kind of hurts. Maybe it's a problem with blogger, or many you guys couldn't fallow because I didn't put the fallowing thing? I'm not sure. But it just slaps me in the face and reminds me that I really have no one. No one.

I'm fasting tomorrow because I'm pathetic and I don't deserve to eat. My mom is downtown that whole day and then is going to some work dinner thing so it works out well. I'm going to start counting my binge free days again, because that kept me from binging 2 summers ago when I lost my initial 20 pounds. I'm going to work out a crap load on Christmas break. I want to lose weight. I'm so tired of putting it all off. NOW. I MUST BE THIN NOW.

Well. I guess I'm off to do homework. Not that anyone cares.

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  1. I care.
    I'm just starting to read blogs, so I don't really understand how it works, or how to follow someone or anything.
    =] If you ever want someone to talk to about anything, I'd be glad to listen and respond.
    Life is tough, but stay strong. <3
    My e-mail is