Thursday, December 16, 2010

I don't want to work it out anymore.

I'm. really. bored. It's like 11:30 at night, and I just finished watching two Kim Possible movies on youtube and a couple episodes of 6teen. I miss my childhood. -_-

Today sucked. I basically stayed up til 12 last night doing homework which I didn't even end of finishing.I only got 6 hours of freaking sleep. I had a test in Algebra 2 I didn't even study for and I just realized I got the first two answer wrong. ffffffffudge. That just kills me. Stupid stupid me. If I would have just checked them, I would have saw my mistakes. Of courses I checked all the ones on the back, so that should be ok. But the ones on the front I screwed up on.

Not only that, but In government I got my Bibliography back with a low score on it. Which I was supposed to edit and add 2 more sources for my official Outline which was turned into today. Pretty sure I'm going to fail that to. This sucks. Government sucks. It's the only lass I have a C in and it's all because I was to FREAKING LAZY to do currents events in the beginning on the year. I hate my stupid, procrastinating fat self. -_- FAILURE.

Luckily the Chemistry quiz was postponed because I don't know half the crap we're doing in that class. I hate that class to. I'm so incredibly awkward in that class. Thank god it's winter break.


I was thinking that I really should put more colors and creativity into my blogs. Plan on seeing that crap. Also, might start putting thinspo pictures in my blog. But no promises.

Tomorrow I have to go to the mall with my friends. We've been planning it for like a month and we finally all found a date when we could go. but I really I've been making up excuses not to. I know it's going to be an all day thing. So mom will make me eat breakfast before i leave, will have to eat at the mall not to arise suspicion. Then home just in time for dinner. LUCKY ME. I'm a horrible person. I know they've probably texted me for time to meet up, but my phone is in my brothers cars, so there really nothing I can do about that. still though. I'm a jerk.

Other news, I sadly finished this amazing book today. The second I got home I sat down and read it. It's called the Hunger Games and I loved it. @____@ It's the first in the series and the next to are already and and I'm so flippin excited. I might just pick up a copy with out with Danika and Lindsey. Then again...they've never been really ones for reading in their free time.

Wow. I'm such a fake, afraid of being judgmental jerk. To top it off, a fat failure who procrastinates. UGH. CRAP TODAY SUCKED OK. I know it could have been worse...I've had a lot worse. Ugh school is just stressing me out and my effing acne is pissing me off. There, I said it. -_-

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