Sunday, December 19, 2010

Where you going to go with a head that emtpy?

Today was an ok today. It started off terrible. I only got 6 hours of sleep so I didn't go to church this morning with my brother like he wanted me to. So for the 30 minutes that he waited for his ride, all he did was complain about me, what a horrible person I am..ect. And I could hear it all. Plus the comments my mom was making as well.

It never occurred to me that he need me to go though. I had forgotten how his ex would be there and her family freaking hates my brother. I'm such a Jerk.

Then we he came home, of course, he acted like nothing happened,. This seems to be a family trait. Bottle everything up and every once and a while have mental breakdowns then move on with your life. Yep, my family.

After this we all went out into gorge and went on a hike. It was freezing and snowing. It was a stupid hike we've done many times before but whatever. At least it's exercise. Then later we got soup and fries. I had only a cup of soup..but a bit to much french fries. For the entire day I had some hot chocolate (80 cals), two rice crispy treasts (180), two applesauces (100) But pluce the uncounted calories I'm guess 500-800 calories. Which kind of sucks because I was going for 500. Oh well.

I'm off to download songs. Before I go, I'm going to start this thing called "My week in Pictures" where basically I just show pictures from my week. That should pretty things up for my blog. Yeah. so. Bye, here are the pictures. :)

oh and AJDHASK it finally started freaking snowing! So expect pictures of that. XD
Click on pictures for larger more high quality versions. :) They are in order of when I took them. (with my new camera!)


My Nail Polish/ Our Christmas tree from the top of the stairs

Picture from hike/ Snow in Front of my house(and Candy Cane lights XD)

More lights in front of my house, wrapped around pillars and on the bushes.

Thanks for looking. Hope you all are well. xx

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