Saturday, June 4, 2011

"This one is her, the big fat cow."

ugh so terrible day yesterday.

Lately...I had starting feeling better about my face. My hair was finally behaving the way I wanted it to, I got new make up that made my face less oily and I don't have to reply it as much. I was getting a bunch of sleep so I had no bags under my eyes.
And for once, I was looking into the mirror thinking: "Maybe my face isn't so bad..."

And then it all went to hell.

Friday at school was when I had my drawing 2 class. Right now we're drawing self portraits. On friday I had a Spanish project due I didn't finish so I was coloring the pictures for it in my drawing class. My story was about a cow who wanted to have fun.

This guy that comes into our class a lot to talk to a bunch of his friends, came over to our table to talk to me and my friend Danika. This is how the conversation goes. Lets call him 'T.'

T: "What are you guys drawing now?"
Danika: "Self portraits. ;)"
T: *Looks at danika's wow yours is supper good!"
Danika: Thanks! *Super flirty smile WTF SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND, then looks over at my drawing for spanish and points to it, saying: "This one is her, the big fat cow. "
Me: "Ohh wow gee thanks. -_-"

My response was sarcastic but inside I was totally mortified. I wanted to start crying right then and there. She was joking, but it hurt. What makes it worse is that shes so skinny and small and always talks about wanting to lose weight even though shes like 90 pounds or something. -_-

It pisses me off because she flirts with all the guys in the FREAKIN world but yet, shes has this super humble and sweet boyfriend (who's a year older than her) who she totally doesn't deserve!

What made everything worse were people were commenting her drawings all freaking day. All day. "This is soo good!" "Oh my god, this is amazing."
And the worse one, some girl came up and picked up her drawing and said "OH MY GOD, This is the best drawing I have ever seen of a person!" And then proceeded to run around and show everyone in the class. What makes me feel like crap it all her ideas came from me and I'm not even getting credit or anything. She had extra space on her drawing so I just told her to cut the paper off. She did it. She got the credit for being soooo creative.

eff. my. life.
Well I guess I am as ugly as I thought I was. One big, fat ugly COW.
So That day I went home and spent 20 minutes crying and explaining my life while I filmed it on my camera to watch later. In the last minute of the video, I had gotten a serious nosebleed. The worse I have ever gotten. I t was a gusher. What was worse is I was on a white blanket. Luckily it didn't really get anywhere besides a crap load in the toilet.

I hadn't eaten anythign all day, not to mention, no water either, only soda. Plus it was hot in my room. Woops.
Anyway, the blood was gushing so much that when I stopped it, it start going down my throat. Which made gag and cough it back up, then causing me to throw it up. Lovely.

Busy day today so I have to go. Might most again later.


  1. Hey I'm Sara and I'm a fan of your blog. :)

    I'm sorry you had a rough day! :( Join the club. haha

    I hope you feel better

  2. Can I slap that Danika girl right in the face? She just sounds so awful. I'm sorry she said that to you, and I know it's hard but please don't take it to heart. *hugs*

    If it counts, i do not think you're an ugly big cow at all. :) Plus you're super nice and easy to talk to. ♥

    Take care chicky (I'll be replying to your message on PT sometime today lol)

  3. I'm sorry that you had a tough time today! That girl seems really terrible, you don't deserve to be treated that way! I think you should take some credit for the ideas she takes from you. I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow, stay beautiful!

  4. Omg I could just bitch slap her. And then destrOyed her picture. Don't let superficial ho bags like that bring u down.