Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Comment Responses #2

Sara- Thank you! Yeah basically all my days are like that now. I can't wait for summer.

Liss- Yes, please slap her for me. Sometimes I really get fed up with her but shes one of the few people who actually deem to hang with me. Shes like one of the few 'friends' I have.

americaneagle- She really is. I wish i could say something about the ideas but its like a week afterword and everybody would like "wtf who does she think she is? " so eh.
killa kristen- aha maybe. But eh, American eagle jeans are vanity sizes so I always feel guilty ina way wearing them. I took those jeans back anyway.

Jessie- Thank you. And yeah, he's not the best guy, I've been seeing that more and more lately. He's not who I thought he was.

Fat Lassie- I seriously think about my nose daily. I contemplate getting a nose job a lot for maybe when I'm older but I doubt I would ever get one.
Liss- Yep it really sucked. Apparently it happens to a lot of teens when getting a shot (according to the nurses)

LilyZara- yeah I guess. but sadly I have to go back soon and get another one. ughh yuck.

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