Tuesday, June 7, 2011

To exhausted to be a real person right now.

Awful day.

Been crying for the past hour I feel to exhausted terrible to even write about it. Lets just say, the last two days involve the words Dickhead and nosebleed (ANOTHER FREAKING ONE)

I'm off to watch crappy TV. Sending love to those reading, thanks for sticking through my depressing crap.



  1. "guysaremothereffindouchebags"

    agreed! don't let them bother you, be thankful you're a women so you don't have to hurt people the way they do :p I hope you start to feel better and the nosebleeds go away :(

  2. awww sweetie :[ i hope things look up soon :[ please try to not let this guy affect you negatively because honestly, he's not worth it.