Sunday, May 29, 2011

I found another face to show. Just because what you'll say will go.

I found another face to show. Just because what you'll say will go.

Typing on my dads laptop, so excuse any bad grammar and mistakes.

Right now I'm camping for the memorial weeknd, but we're leaving tomorrow and heading home. I'm really quite stressed right now. I have the next week of school, one more after that (I think) then finals. Oh god I'm so unprepared.

I'm really stress for my spanish and algebra 2 class finals. Those will suck. I hate both of them, and because of that I don't want to try. I'm so stressed right now because my mom told me my dad wants to take it easy tomoor and not get home until 7 ish. WTH THAT ONLY GIVES ME TWO HOURS TO CRAM IN ABOUT 5 HOURS WORK OF HOMEWORK. Stressin' man.

It just really pisses me of because all my dad ever thinks about is himself. What works for him, whats best for him, how he'll be less stressed. It's not fair, there are others in this family besides him. I mean I undersatnd ehe provides for the family and has even worked two jobs for us in the past. And if no way am I say he is undeserving of getting some relaxation but that doesn't me we should focus soley on what he wants all the freakin time. We always have to do what he want to do in order to avoid a huge argument, which is definitely something id like to avoid. (my dad has server anger problems. )

whatever. still fat as ever. It's hard to do anything with mother watchin. g me more than ever.
amaore and more I can feel my tendencies becoming stronger. Oh how my skin is itching for summer.

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