Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Literally.

So. I fainted today while getting a shot. How was your day?

Yep. Today was like any other average day. Feeling like fat and crappy, the week not going by fast enough, wondering why I have no natural beauty, hating my makeup and face. Yes this are my daily thoughts.

After school today my mom was taking me to get a TB test (tuberculosis). I can't have it if I want to volunteer in the zoo teen program. While we were their they said I was behind on a couple of shots and should do them today.

I really don't mind shots and blood doesn't freak me out or anything. I just don't really like the feeling of something going inside of me. So in a way I really wasn't mentally prepared for getting shots. In my head, I like to plan out my day, what things will happen and how I might react to them. So when something happens to me, It tends to throw me off guard.

Anyway, the TB test wasn't bad, just a a poke in my left wrist that made a bubble with my skin. (Weird huh? O_O) After that was the first shot on the same arm but on my shoulder. That one wasn't bad, hurt a little but felt like a bee sting. The second one was on my right shoulder and it hurt a more that the first. I physically could feel the needle inside of me, touching my muscle. Then it was over! I remember looking at my mom, saying "Ow that hurt.."
Then I was in dreamland.

I was woken up in laying flat down with 4 people around me, including my mom. Apparently, I had began convulsing and twitching when I was out of it, which really freaked my mom out. They made me lie down for another 10 minutes, telling me not to get up. Ever minute or so they would lift the chair up one notch.

Really quite strange, especially because I couldn't remember my dream which made me mad. All I remember were the colors. Red and yellow. It was odd because I thought my dream was real life, so it was like somebody was waking me up from real life.
My first words after waking up were: "Woah, that was cool. I had a dream and everything." hahaha.
Apparently right before I passed out I said "Uh oh" then looked around the room and then my head drooped. Which I don't remember. :P

Immediately they asked if I had eaten anythign that day, which I honestly had. A fruit smoothie for breakfast and a cheese bangle for lunch.

I believe the reason I fainted might have to do with it being the time of the month for me. :/ But ehh. My shoulders hurt but besides that I feel fine, it wasn't the first time I've fainted. Every little thing I do with my arms hurt. -_-

Just thought I'd let you guys in on my day.


  1. Eeesh fainting is no good. Your daily thoughts are the same as mine, but I assure you, you ARE beautiful. I wouldn't say it if it weren't true. That seems like an odd reaction to a shot O.o.
    Hope you're much better now <3.

  2. Sorry to hear you feel so fat an crappy about yourself :[ I assure you its definitely not true though sweetie :[

    That sucks about the fainting but at least you got the shot now? :] xxx