Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bunnies are cute, yeah?

Because bunnies are effin cute.

Just downloaded 144 songs over a span of two days. Heck yeah.

Ever since limewire shut down I was at a lose for downloading music. Someone suggested to me to covert youtube videos to mp3's. It worked for a while but I started realizing it made them a crappy quantity and took way to long. NOW. I AM USING THIS FREAKING AWESOME PROGRAM CALLED ORBIT.
I LOVE MY LIFE. I basically just record things that are playing.streaming from my computer. Whether it be from youtube, Pandora, grooveshark or tumblr. Ughhh so happy, not to mention, majority of the files come with album art, so everything looks pretty. :)

So yeah. That put me in a semi good mood. I'm not even going to to talk about my weekends at my friends house. I pulled an all-nighter, I can tell you that. Well...ok I guess I'll say a little more. I played badminton with Jacob (my friends house I stayed at, I've know him since like 3rd grade) and his little sister Olivia like all day Sunday because it was super nice out. I'm still sore but it was so much fun. Plus, I even got a little tan. ;) I told them next Sunday day we should all play again.

AT this point I just figured I won't be able to lose any weight until summer. School is to stressful and it makes me binge all the time. So whatever.

I'm trying not to weigh myself really until September, but eh, I think I will and not post it. It's so shameful its ridiculous.
But I will post this:

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

How much weight I would like to at least lose before school starts again in the fall. Even more than that if I can. Summer
I simply can not wait for summer.

My grade went up to a 68% In algebra 2. Thats a whooping 7% difference, even though I just did really well on my last test and only missed 2. Still an effing D.
I'm such a failure. I only have two A's at the moment.
Spanish: 82 %. My fault, I didn't turn in a bunch of homework because I was lazy. Have a test this Friday and I'm going to study hard for it.
English: 81% Did really bad on a paper. This should improve soon because I've been doing well on quizzes.
Drawing 2: 97%
Chemistry: 94%
Economics: 84%. Should improve soon. Taking a test tomorrow and I'm studying super hard tonight for it.

ughh so awful.


  1. Bunnies ♥
    SUMMER ♥

    I'm so upset about limewire being shut down.. but I think I'll look up this Orbit program.

    Oooohlala, a tan ;]. I'm sure it just added onto your already existing beauty.

    Congrats on your algebra grade going up, improvement is great. And GOOD FREAKIN JOB with your other marks. They aren't awful at all.

    Hmm. I don't have anything else to say.

  2. That picture is gorgeous <3
    That programme sounds soo coool! woah.
    Badminton is fun, bet you look gorgeous tanned, your hair is sososo nice.

    Woah honey, those marks are amazing!!
    I wish 81% was bad for me haha, weldone!

    You deserve a good summer.