Saturday, May 14, 2011

All that's left for you is doubt

Today was ughghuighlghsf. Pizza. Pizza. More Pizza. Then Chinese food, then effing doughnut.
I finally went shopping today for new jeans. Was dreading doing it all week. The first pair I got were from macy's and I got them in the sale rock for like 70 something percent off, they were only $9.99! They're American Rag. The second I gt from American Eagle and I can't remember how much they were. According to my mother, they make me look " soo skinnnny" yeah whatever,shut up liar.

For some reason, at American eagle I'm like a size smaller in all their jeans. I know for sure I haven't lose any weight, so obviously their sizes run large.
Picture of them:
Yeah I'm fat. sdkjfhksdhfksdhf .working on that. seriously thinking about starting abc on monday. I know I'm pathetic.

After that we saw Bridesmaids. Ohmy god. Most Hilarious movie ever. I want it on DVD already, You guys seriously have no freaking idea. GO SEE IT NOW.
In other news, in my drawing class at school it really freaking sucks because we have to do self portraits. We have to stare in a mirror and draw ourselves. It's so hard because every time I look I jut want to cry. All I see is ugly nose, ugly skin, ugly everything. Whats worse in my friend that looked in the mirror and said: "UGH oh god I look horrible. Definitely not looking good today." Wtf she look perfectly fine.
I almost wanted to shout: "wtf how do you think I feel!?"

Can;t wait until that project is over.

I hate my nose. I'm super sensitive about it ever since I broke it last year in P.E. Thats what I get for being competitive and actually trying. Ever since then it's had this awful bump on it. Seriously contemplating a nose job when I'm older.

At this point with my grades I'm really not caring anymore. I got 22/22 on a algebra 2 quiz, which brought ym grade up to wooping 70 %. Turns out the hw packet I was missing, then finding that out, turned in late about a month ago- he still hasn't entered. WTF. 50 FREAKING POINTS AND HE HASN'T ENTERED IT. This is all because that one stupid choice. The stupid choice to skip class that day, resulting in turning my hw packet that day. Since in was a unexcused absence, I didn't get 2 days to make it up.

AT this point I just want school to be freaking OVER, that way I can move onto summer and get ride of this fat.

Btw, Owen gave me his number so I could text him to meet up to give him adrawing.
I was supposed to do that on Friday. And I didn't. I'm such a jerk. I wouldn't put it past him to think so. Why bother if he has a girlfriend. He's kinda a douche away. He calls me beautiful all the time, which he's obviously lying because he calls lots of others girls that, including Danika who he also calls skinny. Has he ever called me skinny? NO.
Just another man whore, move along folks.


  1. You're not fat.. at all.
    You're small.
    I really like those jeans!

    You're nose job thing reminded me of glee where rachel wanted a nose job, everyone told her not to.
    I won't tell you not to but I bet you're really pretty as you are.

    I don't like the sound of that boy.. be careful.

  2. Oh heyyyy. :)

    I think those jeans are lovely. :3

    You won't believe me when I say this, but:
    You're definitely not fat.
    And, as a stranger on the Internet, I'm not saying that "just to make you feel better".

    That boy... does not sound very lovely.

  3. I so have those AE jeans, I got the same compliments, maybe our mothers are right and we should just accept it haha