Monday, May 9, 2011

Comment Responses #1

Finally figured out a way to respond! Here are just some responses from my last couple of post form things you guys said. I really appreciate your kind words and taking the time to comment.

AlwaysStriving- yes it exactly, It stresses me out because it send my whole food schedule off balance.
Oh good, yeah I was pretty sure that was wrong, thank you!

Meg- I know, it's just annoying. Pacman is pretty awesome, just got done playing it.
Liss- I know, it's awful. This why I complain all the time about going to college and summer. The less time spent with her, the better. It really freakin sucks about limewire being shut down. Try the orbit program! If you need any help, let me know. :)
No, they are awful, trust me. All my 'friends' have strait A's and it makes me feel freaking stupid.

Fat Lassie - Yeah sadly the tan is faded and I'm pale as ever again. -.- Eh, my hair, is so so. I use so much product on it.

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