Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Paste that Superficial smile on me, baby.

I am sick of my mother. Period.
All she ever talks about is weight, deits, food, grades, school, body image, beauty and how thin people are.

It pisses me off. I already have those constant thoughts in my head and I sure don't need them from my judgmental mother, who doesn't even know what she is talking about.

I miss the times when we actually used to talk. I mean really talk. Now all it's about is superficial things, like thats all she thinks I'm made up of. Every time she complements me I just want to slap her. Not only because I don't belivive it, but she focuses on that so much it makes me feel thats all I'm ever going to be.
I feel like it hides me from who I really am, and I feel like when she talks about my beauty (which I don't even have) all the freaking time, that's all shes ever going to see.

Sorry, small rant over.


  1. I miss those times too. I wish they would come back. I am sorry you feel like this. Hope you will feel better soon.

    ~ Meg

  2. I'm so sorry your mother is like that :|. I can image how horrid it must be for you.

    You do have beauty. I wish you could see it.

    Take care lovely.