Thursday, March 10, 2011

Point of Digust

once, I was lost
to the point of disgust
I had in my sight
lack of vision
lack of light
I fell hard
I fell fast
mercy me
it'll never last

then, in the dust
all the things
we discussed
were thrown to the wind
so at last
we begin
'cuz we fall hard
we fall fast
mercy me
it'll never last

I love this song. Its so soothing. Makes me think of floating on top of cool water, my hands barely skimming the surface. My white silk dress lingering on the water, slowly sinking into it's depths. My lips turn blue, my eyes soulless. And then I drifted downward in the water, letting it cradle me into my depression.

This is my way of saying everything freaking sucks.
There something very soothing about water. So easy going and pure, untouched by man. It flows through everything that lives. It starts new lives and saves others. I wish I lived my a stream or some sort of river.

Really theres not much else to say. Nobody is listening anyway.
Darling, oh darling you amuse me with your ignorant ways.

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  1. Oh dear :( sorry to hear you're feeling crap. hope it goes away soon x