Thursday, July 28, 2011


So I was just informed by my dad that that I am a "lazy fat ass " Who does nothing all day but watch TV. According to him its summer break and I have nothing else to do so I could at least "Pull your own weight and actually do something around the house, instead of being a selfish lazy brat."

But hey, those were his words. He said this all to me as binged on 3 cupcakes. It was going to be 4 I threw it away. He also mentioned "And god, don't you think you eat enough junk already?"

Doesn't matter, just spent that last 3 hours cleaning. Swept and mopped the kitchen floor, scrubbed the kitchen counter tops and sink, organized in the RV, cleaned up the leaving room and vacuumed it. Now I'm about to vacuum upstairs, clean my room and do the laundry.

I am a lazy, fat and selfish person. Why do I deserve anything. What makes me think in my right mind I deserve to eat. I am undeserving to have anything, I know that. I hate myself.

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  1. you're not lazy or fat or selfish. it's summer holidays - it's time for a break after all that working for those past mooonths! ):

    you deserve food, everyone deserves food and everyone needs food.

    hope you cheer up soon lovely, xxx