Sunday, June 17, 2012

Can I go to sleep already.

My Fathers Day wasn't so great.

Hey there bloggy blog, its been a while. Sorry about that. School and final exams were taking up all my time. Now I'm free as a bird. Hah pun on username. *Le Snort*. I'm super tired, its been a long weekend.Being fathers day weekend and my brother getting out of school at the same time we all went on a one night trip thing with the fam. 

It was fine at first. 
But, being my family, things had to go sour eventually. And they did. Why did I think that even for a weekend everything could be fine. Long story short my brother and dad got in a huge verbal fight in a public restaurant. Many heard. Then we sat in quite for a long time, my dad fuming with anger, my mom trying to make awkward conversations about bushes, my brother starring at his feet. Finally my brother got up and left the restaurant.

I was sick to my stomach by this time. Didn't have breakfast or lunch. Had a caesar salad at dinner- my stomach crawled inside me, asking why I was doing this. Walked around town for a bit with my dad, I was forced to since my mom wanted to talk alone to my brother and get food in him since he left before his order came. My mind counted steps and estimated calories. The hotel we stay at had a mini gym which was nice. I did the elliptical for an hour, ran for 15 min. Just short of 800 calories burned. 

To increase the awkward intensity of night, we went to a movie at 9:30, so we could all have an excuse not to talk to each other and turn the world off. We saw Prometheus- what the fuck was that. 
Next morning (today) things were still tense. I just wanted to get home. Do sit ups and be able to go to the regular gym and stay home from the outside world. 

I keep seeing this posts on tumblr about dads and how great they are and how they will always be "there little girls". My mind draws a blank. All I can think about is anger. 


  1. I'm sorry it turned out to be shitty :l
    and I hate all that stuff too, the whole "daddy's little princess"...uh, nuh.
    Hope your week goes off to a good start, and yay for no more exams!...lucky biatch -.-

  2. i'm sorry it didnt go well, i hope the rest of your week is better! xo.