Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sleeping Lessons ~

I hate starting blogs, it's the worst.

The past couple of days have been crazy. My dad was given money from a friend for selling some of her stuff, so he decided that we would spend a night downtown in a hotel. It was suppose to be a sort of "last hurrah" before my brother left for work in Alaska. It was cool. I binged a lot...still the same weight wtf how does that happened. It was really cool hotel though all the rooms were named after songs, and in the rooms they had the lyrics around the door. We had two rooms because it was two people to a room and my brothers GF was there so LUCKY ME, I got to sleep on the floor.

Our room was The Black Parade, by my Chemical Romance, and my brother and his gf got Sleeping Lessons, by the Shins. (SO JEALOUS)
Picture of the Door, View from Hotel

This last picture was from a sort of indoor arboretum where you could have dinner. My dad took us there for a treat which was nice I guess. It was really pretty though. 

So that was cool. Next day was a 3 hour drive with my brother, his girlfriend, and his friend S (the one I've know forever) to the airport. That was nice I guess, just to be away from the parents and to experience life outside my room. I literally do no get out enough. Had 6in subway sandwich for dinner on drive. We stayed at S's cousins because their flight was at 8 am and they had to be there at 6, so yeay waking up at 4:45am! 

Last night was my first night in my own bed in two days, so that was nice. Its been raining here the past couple of days. I woke up today with a terrible sinus headache which really pisses me off because I hate starting the day that way. And my stupid humidifier won't work, what the hell. Maybe I'l just sleep all day..I wish.

I decided that I'm going to make some sort of montage video today. Maybe I'll post it, we'll see. . I'm going to go make some 85 cal soup to help, then go to the gym hopefully when it stops. I'm also going to stop by our sporting good store and get a workout jump rope which I've been really wanting lately. I've also been wanting to trying cycling lately as I think i'm going to try it at the gym.


lovelybones- Yeah I don't know how long it will be till I get my own car, so until then I'm stuck. My parents refuse to buy a treadmill/ elliptical because they say its waste of money and we'll just stop using it. Though my dad was talking about getting a stationary bike for I might get to use it which would be nice.
Meh, sometimes I like my fingers sometimes I don't. More often I don't.

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  1. :o I so want to stay at this hotel, it sounds Amazing. However, I think I love my own bed too much to stay away from it for too long xD I absolutely love Sleeping Lessons so I'd be jealous too,
    Stay Strong <3