Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Those dark recesses of your mind.

Not much has happened since my last post. Of course nobody is talking about what happened last weekend. Just shove it away, in those dark recesses of your mind. Suppress, suppress, suppress. 

Been going to the gym/working out everyday. Around 800 calories a day. Binged yesterday at 200 calories with some Chinese food.whatapig. God dammit Chinese food, you will always be my weakness. Probably because that screw up a didn't lose. (this is where I preceded to get up and check my weight just to be sure) YEP NOT ONE DAMN POUND.  

Then yesterday my mom wanted to do some bonding so she made me go get my nails done. Its really weird. ITS REALLY HARD TO TYPE. And scratch things. It like learning to do everything over again rawr. I feel very high maintenance. 
picture. sorry my fingers are fat.

And then today my dad won't let me take the car to workout. I really need to work out, like now. I need to see the calories burned, I have to feel the sweat on my forehead. Tomorrow my bother is leaving for Alaska for work so we're staying a night in a hotel downtown and going out to dinner. So obviously with the dinner implied I must go to the gym. Now.

Then I'm driving with his girlfriend, and my brothers friend (who I've known for my entire life, his little brother and I are friends) on a 3 hour drive up to a certain airport. And then me and my brothers girlfriend get to drive back. That's going to be a semi-awkward drive. Shes already crying now about him leaving soon, and she still has two days.

So these next couple of days have my stressing about food. Being around people and food, not one of my favorites. Luckily my mom is doing a marathon thing a couple towns away this weekend so I'll have 3 days without her obsessive hawk eyes. woot.

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Appendix: ~ Its fine, usually how a lot of family events happen in my family. I've never liked those sayings, mostly because childhood memories of my dad are not all happy and fuzzy. And now all he tells me about is what job I should get, what I should study, and how bad I eat. (if he only knew). I'm sure your exams will be over soon enough. ;)

Becca: ~ Thanks I'm hoping so! At the moment it looks pretty eventful which can be a blessing and a curse haha. 

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  1. I know how you feel about need a car to workout. Before I had my own, I had to rely on my mother to drive me to and from the gym, or worse, she'd join me. It's so much better with my own car AND a treadmill in the basement.

    You're nails are darling! And you have great fingers, they aren't fat.